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Hey, I've searched this forum and so far have not come up with anything on this.

Has anyone tried testing the motor and regulator for the rear tailgate window, while it's out of the tailgate? (1978 Bronco)

I bought a new motor and regulator and just wanted to ensure that everything worked before I went to all the trouble of installing.

I can get the motor to work by itself, and I can flex the regulator by hand on my workbench. However, once I install the motor on the regulator and put power to it, it will not flex the arms to go down. It tries, but appears not to have the strength to overcome the spring.

Is it likely that without the weight of the glass on the regulator, the motor does not have enough power to flex the arms?

Anyone had any experience with this?

Thanks in advance.


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I read somewhere that the window must be mounted to support the motor with the spring force.

I could test it this way:

  • motor was installed
  • window installed
  • lock switches out of car but connected to harness
I could press switches with fingers to see if it's working.
There is a fuse in the fuse panel at the driver side footwell, this was broken - when I bridged this with a wire, it worked from cab switch (at heater panel) and tailgate lock.

When I got the car, the tailgate harness in my 79 Bronco was missing completly. it only had the connector with 3 open wires behind the driver side tail light.

I completed it with a 86 harness.
The glass height safety switch, I do not have yet, but you can/must connect the 2 plugs with a wire to close the circuit - since then its all working.
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