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Twas the night before Christmas, When all through the shop,
The lights where flickering, And my welder was hot,
The body hung over the suspension with care,
Hoping that Saint Nick will soon put a lift under there,

Closed my eyes and imagined being in bed,
But there where visions of pistons pounding in my head,
Now the welder has burnt my cap,
Letting me know I really need a nap,

From across the shop there arose such a shatter,
I ran over to see what's the matter,
There sat my windshield, with all that smashed glass,
I pulled the electrical chord too hard, sending tools into it in a mass,

Now I'm working on those bolts rusty and old,
Breaking my knuckles open on the steel so cold,
I bandage up and try again,
If it breaks, hope there's an extra in the bolt can,

The truck bed filled with presents to be had,
If I don't fix this, the kids will be really mad,
Running out of time, the clock is ticking away,
I probably should have done this yesterday,

I wipe grease on my pants and shirt,
My head is pounding, it really does hurt,
Dawn has broke, kids are waking up,
I really need to move this old pickup,

I put it all together and give it a try,
The effort brings a tear to my eye,
All this time busting my ass,
Turns out I've just been out of gas.

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