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My 87 bronco in a few weeks is goin to go through surgery....i just have a few body panel questions for the guys that know their stuff...

1. Is there any way to take out "knuckle-sized" dings in the rear quarter panels?or should i just fill em and sand em down to flatness with the panel?

2.the raingutters on the roof for the doors....are these easily fixed if they are bad?are they really needed? right rear quarter panel where it meets the bottom of the door is cracked off and hangin on by the inside seam where the spot welds are....can i get any patch panels just for that area?

4.any tips for rustproofing and sound deadening?i know reptillikus awhile back rhino-ed the interior of his truck....but what about the inside of the doors,inside of the tailgate and firewall? the top of the cab on the outside where the cab bends and meets the roofline and the cap,i have rustholes....any tips on patchin them and makin it look like it never was there?

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