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The shop called yesterday, to tell me that BeastLeah is FINALLY done!! It took them a month alone to figure out this "parasitic load" that was draining my brand-new battery dead!.. :smilie_slap..I haven't talked to the actual mechanic who fixed it, but you can bet your butt I will!
Damn electrical! I have been dying without my Bronco! :whiteflag
This truck has gotten MAD brand new parts during this shop visit! :rockon
New sending unit, battery, power steering lines, brake lines, gas tank, fuel pump, shackles and leafs, that's what I remember offhand!
I am going to the shop today to take pics of her for the FOTM contest. Then Monday, she's going on the road again!!:thumbup
I will update as I go!!
XLT Bronco's are my FAVORITE vehicle in the world!!!
(Yes, I am a HUGE motor head!) ;)
I also love 4-wheeling & my 2nd biggest obsession.... is SUPER BIKES!!! (I love Yamaha YZFs) :smokin: :upup:
Have a nice morning!!

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