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The Beater is Back in Action

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Now that I have the new motor installed and runing well I thought I would fix up a couple things. The first is one of the two Taurus fans had the bearings going out and was making a lot of noise. It was the main fan I was using so I decided to drop it and go with one fan. I was going to drain the radiator anyway since it just has water in to now while making sure there was no leaks with the new motor. I pulled the rad and removed one fan then turned the other 90 degrees and made new brackets to fit it to the rad.

I then rewired it so I could run the fan on high or low and use the adjustable controller or manually turn it on or off. I picked up the controller from Jegs and reused the two relays I allready had installed.

Since you all like diagrams I made one for you.

Man this new long block has a lot more power than the old motor and I haven't even put the petal to the floor yet. :thumbup I also replaced the hose that goes from the upper intake to the radiator since the old one leaked a little.
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congrats on getting it back on the road :thumbup
:rockon :rockon awesome that you got it running...dude your drawing skills rock...:rockon if i tried to do that it would like my 3 year daughter did it with her crayons.:doh0715:
looking great 90 !

I got by with one fan, are you ? Is it from the 3.8 litre or the 3.0 litre Taurus ?


(excellent diagram BTW)
It's working good so far. I just got back from Redwagon's place to return his engine stand and hoist(about 120 miles RT) and I ran it manually once I got off the freeway. It got a little warm just before I exited but I think I need to top off the rad fluid since I have emptied and refilled it so many times this month. I pulled it yesterday to remove one fan and rotate and remount the other. I filled it with antifreeze and water but usually I have to top it off again after running it a bit.
yeah man that is awesome glad your motor is good. how does she run? i put 100 country miles on mine as soon as i dropped the motor and had it timed. hate the break in period but man im glad you got it up and running again
stangmata50l said:
What size relays are you using?
85 Amp Cont 165 Amp Max Relay

I drove it around 5 miles each day this week after work and 120 today. It's running great. So much more power even though I was trying to keep the speed down until I break it in. I just can't believe that I don't have any exhaust leaks as many times as I've had the exhaust on and off the Bronco.

I had a huge increase in power installing the Bassani y pipe and high flow cat but the new motor has a lot more power than the old one did. Going up hills was always a struggle downshifting and giving a it a lot of gas. Now I have to give it some more but not floor it and it doesn't hardly need to downshift. I thought it was sluggish simply because it's a 3 ton brick.
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90Beater said:

Damn dude i had 187000 on mine when i put the new one in.
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