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For as long as there have been Jeeps they have wandered down the road. Wandering along...

If you have driven a Jeep, you know the feeling. The steering wheel goes two inches to the right, two inches to the left and then back again, while your vehicle stays in a relatively straight line. That is the result of your Tie Rod rolling forward and backward forward and backward again and again. That's simply because there is nothing there to prevent it from doing that. And early wear on tie rods simply because they are always in motion and torn boots because they have been flexed about a jillion times.

The Cure!

This small piece of machined Delrin plastic has had a lot of thought put into it. So much that we decided it would be the First Ruffstuff product we patented! Used against only the face of our Y-Link Adapter or a common Y-Link Tie Rod. It gives a self lubricated,fixed yet slightly flexible surface for the Tie Rods to run against. The drag link does not flop forward or backward whatsoever yet in common usage it is allowed to roll which causes the steering wheel dead spot and allows for the tie rod roll.

Not all TRE's are created equal. Some have a long pin, some have a short pin. This product has been specifically made to work with a GM 1 Ton TRE. In some cases you may have to sand the outside surface to allow for a flush fit. You do not want a tight fit, you want a snug fit. It naturally has a grease pocket built in, this is meant to ride beyond the taper in place of the standard dust boot. These are made for 1 Ton TRE's and also work for 7/8" Heim Joints.

This product also goes great with our Offset Tie Rods if you also use our second pattented item, our Y-Link Adapter that you can find here Y link adapter 18TPI (TRE threading) - RuffStuff Specialties When using these 2 together you still retain the fine adjustability of a standard Tie Rod!

The Cure! - RuffStuff Specialties

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These are really cool, probably gonna order one for my bronco.
That said....have you considered making these to fit the smaller Ford TREs?

There was a TSB published years ago, that included a delrin bushing + thin washer that went underneath the boot on the lower end of the draglink on 86-97 F350s, but Ford stopped making them years ago. It accomplished the same thing that this item does, but on the smaller Ford TREs. (It would also work on the 78-9 broncos.) I have one on my SAS'ed 96 F250, but after 10 years of abuse its about shot and needs replacement. I started making a new one (will probably finish it next week), but your design is way better. If you made these for the Fords, id buy a couple on the spot.

Not everyone has the need to go to the Chevy TRE route, especially on a vehicle running smaller tires or if it doesn't see too many miles offroad. But if you made one to fit the stock Ford stuff, Id bet (at the very least) the diesel crowd would go nuts over em. Like I said, I know id love to have one for mine.
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