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The "infamous" Fish is still up for sale.
For those who don't know, the fish is an F-350 that no less than 4 E4W members have owned. Adrian bought it used, later sold it to Chris Smith, who sold it to Paul Gabriella, who I bought it from. The fish has a lot of history for us, and a broad support group
It's a white '86 F-350 2 WD Dual rear wheels
150 K on the chassis, engine and tranny are a little newer.
Carbed 460 Big Block, 4 speed stick with granny low
Big flatbed back, 2" reciever, Gooseneck ball, high metal racks and homemade low wooden ones.
It's not a nice new truck, no AC etc.
Uses a little oil, leaks a little anti-freeze out the freeze plugs (pretty easy fix), and has an exhaust leak.
But it is dependable and will haul or tow anything you want it to.

Price with 6 brand new tires. $1,000.

Register it commercial and there is no inspection or emissions.

Call Home in the evenings 203-922-1815
or the cell for voicemail 203-414-2652
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