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The little switch at the end of the Master Cylinder is leaking.

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The mechanic i went to said that its called a Brake Pressure switch and that I could do it myself. So I head over to advance and autozone and they dont have it. In fact they dont even sell it?

I do a little research and Im coming up with a cruise control switch. Which would explain why the cruise control doesnt work. Can anyone help me out?
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Yeah I was told it has expired. Im dont wanna make this a big deal anyways. As long as there's no leak, there's no risk of a fire and it didnt cost way too much. Only cost me 20 bucks.
Go back and read this;
Recall Problem; "...I have a 95 Bronco and back in feb.-11- 2010 my rig's master cylinder's Speed Control Deactivation Switch connection caught fire, this is what the recall "speed control system" is and the recall is still on going. Just go to to find out about recalls. After contacting and filing a claim they passed it on to the claims group @ FORD to be reviewed. Once the group reviewed my claim then someone got in touch with me, I have to mail copys of my title, bill of sale, ect. and copy's of photos of the damage to her. She said that the dealer dose not have parts for vehicles 10 years and older so I have to get my local shop to replace the master cylinder and the wires that were effected by the break fluid and their labor cast, she will cut me/the shop a check and then after the work is done then the dealer will look it over to make sure the truck and the work is up-to-date. All this to fix something that at most costs $200. WTF..."
Source: by Belafox at FSB;

[URL=""]What does it mean when a manufacturer initiates a safety recall involving vehicles or items of motor vehicle equipment?
A safety recall involving a motor vehicle or an item of motor vehicle equipment can be independently conducted by a manufacturer or ordered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In either case, the manufacturer must file a public report describing the safety-related defect or noncompliance with a Federal motor vehicle safety standard, the involved vehicle/equipment population, the major events that resulted in the recall determination, a description of the remedy, and a schedule for the recall. NHTSA monitors each safety recall to ensure the manufacturers provide owners safe, free, and effective remedies according to the Safety Act and Federal regulations. Manufacturers are obligated to attempt to notify owners of recalled products. For vehicles, that means manufacturers merge their own records of vehicle purchasers with current state vehicle registration information. For equipment, where state registration records do not exist, manufacturers are obligated to notify their distribution chain and known purchasers of the recalled equipment. However, even if you do not receive a notification, if your vehicle, child restraint, or other item of equipment is involved in a safety recall, the manufacturer is obligated to provide a free remedy.

Each notification letter must contain the following information:
•describe the defect or noncompliance;
•the risk or hazard posed by the problem, including any warning of the problem;
•a brief description of the free remedy, including when the remedy will be available and how long the repair will take; and
•a description of what the owner can do if the owner is unable to have the problem corrected within a reasonable time and without charge.
Remedy without charge means the repair, replacement, or repurchase of the vehicle or item of equipment that will correct the safety defect or noncompliance. The manufacturer initially decides what the remedy will be, but it may be changed if it is not effective. Owners should have the recall work completed as soon as possible. Recalls involving tires are specifically limited in the Safety Act such that the owner must have the recall work completed within 60 days of receiving notification that it must be done. All other safety recalls are in effect for the life of the product.

The Safety Act does not provide for reimbursement for damages that the defect or noncompliance may have caused. However, owners may be able to recover such expenses privately. Historically, most manufacturers will reimburse owners for the costs of repair incurred before the safety recall, if the owner has kept the receipts for service.

What to do if you are unable to have the recall work done or have it done without charge.
In the vast majority of cases, dealers perform safety-related recall repairs promptly and correctly. However, from time to time, problems do occur. We can categorize these problems broadly as an inability to have the recall work done or to have it done without charge.

When you receive a letter from the manufacturer of your vehicle notifying you that your car has been recalled, you should contact your dealer's service department to arrange for the recall repair. If you then have problems in obtaining the free recall repair, you can contact NHTSA immediately as explained below under Step 3. However, it is usually quicker to attempt to resolve the problem using Steps 1 or 2.

Step 1: Contact the dealer service manager
The first step is to contact the dealer service manager. You should explain the situation to the manager, identifying the work required as part of a safety recall. If you have the manufacturer's notification letter on the safety recall, it will help explain your concern.

In the vast majority of cases, this will resolve any problems. However, if you do not feel the service manager has answered your concerns completely, then you should contact the manufacturer, Step 2.

Step 2: Contact the Manufacturer
To contact the manufacturer, call the telephone number (usually toll-free) that is provided in the letter sent to you notifying you of the recall. You can also find the telephone number for the manufacturer's local representative or toll free customer service number in the back of the vehicle owner's manual. Once again, you must describe the problem you are having and usually the following information:

•The make, model, and model year of your vehicle and the vehicle identification number (VIN);
•Briefly describe the recall and the problem you are having;
•Identify your dealer and what steps you have taken with the dealer to resolve the matter.
The manufacturer will look into the matter and should be able to resolve your concern within a few days.

If you believe that you are unable to have the recall work completed without charge, then please contact NHTSA, Step 3. You should also contact the NHTSA if you believe that the recall work has not corrected the safety defect.

Step 3: Contact NHTSA
Contacting NHTSA is easy. You can write us, call us toll-free, or connect with us over the Internet. Our address and toll-free telephone number are provided in every recall notification letter. You can write to us at: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE, West Building, Washington, D.C. 20590. Our toll-free telephone number is (888)DASH-2-DOT (1-888-327-4236). To contact us over the Internet, simply go to our interactive web site at and complete the questionnaire.

and da MACK DADDY the Recall 05S28, Supplement #14: 1992-2004 Multiple Vehicle Lines by
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Another Owner had it done!
tr21triton "took it to the dealer today and got a new one installed free ." 12 April 2011

I know our former local Ford Dealer was VG at doing recall or TSB work such as on the Child Safety Seat, Tether Attachments; while at same time, others have said that their dealers knew nothing of this ( & "couldn't find the info on it" or wouldn't do it.

Service Instructions; For 89 and later models & F-Series
Source: by Ford via miesk5

AVAILABILITY; "...the 92-96 kit is still available, but you need to special order it from the "classic" catalog. I just had two brought in by my local dealer at around $35 each..." posted on 26 OCT 2010
Source: by Ryan87LX at FSB
I realize that this thread is old as dirt, but I have a problem with my cruise control. I went on the Ford website and put in my VIN, no active recall came up. Does this mean it was fixed already? Sorry I'm a bit dumb about these things.
Post up a pic of your brake master cylinder so we can see what ya got.
You see the redish colored switch at the end of the master cylinder? I believe the replacement switch is a different color. So if you have the red one, its not been done. At least I think thats the case. If I am wrong, someone let me know.....

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The old recall is definitely still active, I got a letter last week for my recently acquired '94, guess the PO, PPO, and maybe the PPPO didn't take care of it.
Does disconnecting the switch affect anything other than the cruise control?

I had the recall performed years ago and Ford installed the fused jumper and left me with the original speed control deactivation device.

Recently the original speed control deactivation device went out and I went to Ford and purchased a replacement. It appears to be a new version. Does this mean that I may now plug it back directly in and remove the fused jumper from the recall?

As always, thanks in advance guys (and gals).
yo Tavis,
Am awaiting a long delayed answer from a Ford Tech Section on latest recall change as well as by some users who in past 2 months or so received another recall notice.
Probowler wrote here on 08-09-2014, "Just got my recall notice in the mail today lol.
Even after all these years they're still on top of this stuff? Go Ford "

Call your dealer service dept.and ask if you are scheduled for a new recall update or check @ Ford w/VIN number;
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