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I"m having the same problem. I have the 351M and I have oil leaking from my oil Filter. The oil is covering everything on the driver's side of the engine and is making a real mess. I have cleaned everything off many times and I haven't gotten any where. It doesn't have two gaskets on the filter I have checked that. I had a Fram on there but I got rid of that and put on a WIX. It still leaks. There is no oil coming from the front seal, Fuel pump, head gasket, it all starts at the filter. The pressure is 85psi cold, 40-45 warm @ idle, 20psi when in gear at a stop, and 55psi when driving down the fwy. The oil I have in there is 10w-30 Mobil 1 syn.
Here is a Picture of the surface and you can also see in the left side that there is no oil coming from the fuel pump.

When you remove the filter look at the outer edge of the filter and look for a scrap mark. That could be hitting before the gasket seals. That will cause a leak.
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