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One was very good and tried to always live right
and be helpful.

His brother on the other hand was bad and did all
the things that men should not do in life and didn't
care who he hurt.

The bad brother died.

He was still missed by his brother since he loved
him despite his ways. Finally, years later, the good
brother died and went to Heaven. Everything was
beautiful and wonderful there, and he was very

One day he asked God where his brother was, as he
hadn't seen him there. God said that he was sorry
but his brother lived a terrible life and went to
Hell instead.

The good brother then asked God if there was any
way for him to see his brother.

So God gave him the power of vision to see into
Hell and there was his brother.

He was sitting on a bench with a keg of beer under
one arm and a gorgeous brunette on the other.

Confused, the good brother said to God, "I am so
happy that you let me into Heaven with you. It is so
beautiful here and I love it. But I don't understand, if my brother was
bad enough to go to
Hell, why does he have the keg of beer & a gorgeous
It hardly seems like a punishment".

God said unto him,
"Things are not always as they seem, my son.
The keg has a hole in it;
the brunette does not.

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