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Hey guys, I'm thinking about selling my rig. Honestly, I love it, but I need something with better mpg (b/c of the traveling I do) and I need the open bed. I really don't know what to sell her for, so I wanted to get your opinion on what you think she might be worth. Here's the info:

1995 Ford Bronco
Newly rebuilt E40D tranny w/warranty
6" SuperLift & 3" body lift
4.88s w/ detroit lockers front and rear
Warn Steel bumper on front (perfect for winch)
Custom Sterlin steel tube bumper on rear (w/ drop arm for towing)
15 x 17.5 Mickey Thompson Baja Belted Tires on 15 X 12 wheels

The truck is in pretty good shape, of course there are a few paint blemishes, but no rust. The driver's seat bottom needs to be recovered, and the driver's window motor needs to be fixed. Other than that, she's pretty solid.

I really hate to do this, I know I'm gonna loose my butt on it, but I gotta do it:(




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bnkrtstk said:
If you don't need the money to get into something else than think twice about selling it. Get yourself a used small pick up and call it a day. Good luck :thumbup

I'm with him .. why lose your butt on something you love ... buy an old 4 banger beater for the DD duties :thumbup
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