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would like to request those of you that have time to write letters to the Minnesota DNR, especially the Environmentalists have people outside of Beltrami county writing letters to the DNR.
Please take your time to do this to keep parts of the Mississippi Headwaters State Forest open and areas in Beltrami County (Minnesota) open to ATV/ORV use.

I have a copy of the comment form and have transfered the comments onto this post:

Forest Classification Review & Road-Trail Designations West Central Forests-Mississippi Headwaters Unit Comment Form

DNR and county partners are pursuing state forest access planning for the West Central Forests-Mississippi Headwaters Unit. The process includes review of the motor vehicle use classification of DNR Forestry-adminstered forest lands in the planning unit. DNR is also proposing designations of forest roads/trails and Areas with limitations on off-trail and non-designated Trail Use on these same forest lands.

State rules require DNR to solicit public comments on its draft recommendations. Comments may be provided on County proposals. Comments should addess 1) Support or non-support of proposed
classification(s) and why; 2) Accuracy of the route inventories; 3)appropriateness of proposed road/trail designations; or 4) other issues relevant to the DNRs decisons. Be specific as possible. List the Route ID number for comments on road/trail designations, proactive closures or non-designated routes. Comment Deadline is 4:30 PM on January 23rd 2008.

-Comment form-

The Department is considering written comments on the proposed: 1)classification review, 2)forest road/trail designation, and 3) Areas with limitations. Please provide your name/address so your comments are part of the record for consideration.
Do you want to be notified when the final plans are availiable?___Yes ____ No

Direct comments to Bill Johnson, MNDNR 500 Lafayette Road, St. Paul, MN 55155; Fax 651-297-5475
Comments can be emailed to [email protected]

Again comments must be recieved by 4:30 PM on Jan. 23rd, 2008.

Background Links:

The Mississippi Headwaters is near Wilton, MN. This area countains nice wheeling landscape by abandoned railroad tracks, gravel pits etc.


Also I don't want Beltrami Country to end up like Southern Minnesota, No place to wheel, shoot and hunt!
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