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Throttle Cable Mod

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I dont know if you guys have heard about this, searched and didnt find anything here but check out this site.

Made a big difference in both my bronco II and fullsize bronco!

Im sure the site will exceed its bandwith (or whatever the hell geocities says) so Ill explane it here.

Lift up gas pedal, so you can see the slack in the line.
Get a zip tie or two and attach them on the slack in the cable.
Clip off excess zip tie.

Easy isnt it?
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BE VERY CARFULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did this 3 years ago and had to buy a new throttle cable 1 weeks later 100 miles from home.

What you really want to do is check to see how far the throttle is opened while someone else smashs the pedal. then add zip ties if you think you need them. If you add to many you can snap the cable in half

There you've all been warned!
Mrit said:
I didnt think about posting that. Mine only opened about 3/4 of full throttle(with the pedal mashed into the carpet) I have about 400-450 miles on mine so far without a problem, but I try to keep the rpms below 3000.
It's not the RPM's, but how hard to smash the pedal. I drive my truck like a stole it most of the time. So that 1 too many zip ties stressed the cable each time I nailed the pedal. My size 14 shoe beat the cable that last time.
Drilim said:
DONT BE SUCH A PU$$Y FIREGUY!!!! :goodfinge

There, Your turn.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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