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tis a sad sad day

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so this might be in wrong form, but i really not sure where to post it.
first off let me thnx all who tried to help with me reviving the 91xlt, but alas and with deep regrets, i must send the 91 in to a dealership and rent a beater till she is fixed, i really thought i had the problem licked when i found out my computer went south on me,. so 2night i installed new computer, got back my check engine light, my injector pulse, and my spark, but still this wont fire up (even with eather
) so with working on it for the last past 2 weeks and not getting any closer, its time to call in the thieving [email protected]#$%rds at the dealership, i dont mean anything bad to any mechanic on here who work in a dealership, hell i work at a international dealership and i know how it is. i am going to have my wife be here when it gets towed away, i dont want to see it happen.

:banghead :banghead :banghead :box0715:

well again thnx for all the people who helped.
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Even a typical repair shop should be able to fix it, for far less than you'll be getting bent over at the dealership for

oh, and I've moved this
Well, on a side note.

On the way to physical therapy I blew a front tire today, and was kind of like "cool, i can use my new hi-lift".

I got the hi-lift off the spare tire carrier, put it under the front bumper, began to jack the truck up a bit, and the unlevelness of the ground just made it completely unsafe to even ATTEMPT to change the tire. Just as i was walking away from it, the jack slipped and the truck (luckily with the tire still on) fell off the jack. I called the therapist and told her not to wait for me, i would see her monday.

I called AAA, the guy shows up with this jack, jesus, i've sh*t bigger than the jack he showed up with, i ended up having to get it towed to a shop just to get the tire (actually the valve stem) fixed. While waiting for the tow my mind was just all over the place about the past few months.

Then i get home to a little blinky lite on my answering machine, it was the financial institution that i was trying to get financing for my vette through, they basically called and laughed into the answering machine for a good five minutes and then said "No". Great, more good news.

So, i said "screw it" and told myself i will never have a problem jacking up my truck again. I sent two pictures to david that show the bumpers i want, and the money i got from the ex-fiance's car is now partially going towards my new bumpers, with hi-lift points!

Tonight, i shall go to the bar, and thank the beer gods that the day is just about over.
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dang rob, that is a thread in itself. have you, started changing body parts on yours yet??

and black bronco, dont take it to the dealership. find a reputable shop in town and take it there. price will probably be alot lower
wow i feel lucky now
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