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Like alot of you other monkeys, I've got quad shocks on my Bronco. Rancho 5000s, at that! Yeah, all four, up front... 5000s. I finally took off the front two shocks yesterday. What a world of F'in difference! The ride is about the same amount of difference as removing and ditching your sway bars - shoulda done it a long time ago

In the next couple months, I'm wanting to do a rear shackle flip with Dave-built shackles, using the springs, hangers and shocks from my other bronco, as well as a front pre-runner bumper and sliders. If time and money allow, then I'll be building a rollcage over the winter also(not holding my breath on this one)

Anyone want a pair of shocks?! Send Joe $10 and pay for shipping on these, and they're yours... for a 3" lift
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