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Ok, it was finally released today and I have it installed, here is the jist of Trader Ratings...

• Rate another member: Positive / Negative / Neutral
• Specify in each transaction: Buyer, Seller, or Trade
• Leave multiple comments about the deal
• Dates & IPs are all recorded to prevent abuse
• Specify a thread URL to the deal
• Advanced URL checking
• Display ratings over time
• Filter based on Buyer/Seller/Trade/or feedback they left for others
• Users can edit/delete ratings left for others (time based limitation=5 minutes)
• Trader Admins can edit/delete anyone's ratings (just incase)
• PM notification when new rating or comment is left
• Per-usergroup permissions
• Lots of admin controllable options
this will allow FSB members to rate their online deals with other FSB members, much like ebay, its very simple to use once you get into it, this is not fool proof and will not prevent bad deals from happening at FSB but it will go along way in helping it from happening if everyone uses it wisely

1. choose buyer/seller/trade
2. overall experience positive/negative/neutral
3. a short comment (visible by everyone, ie: fast payment from so and so)
4. deal URL (optional): if it was from a forsale thread just copy the link to that thread and paste into the box (if it was via PM, email, etc leave this blank)
5. additional comments (for some reason this is required with 10 character minimum) visible to buyer, seller and staff only

Some rules / things to consider...

1. limit your feedback to deals at FSB only, not between here and other sites/forums, you can leave feedback for eBay sales IF the ebay listing was posted in one of the for sale sections here at FSB

2. consider your feedback before you leave it

3. give the deal some time and try to contact the member before leaving negative feedback, please read this thread for ways to protect yourself in online deals

4. please try to workout any problems between yourselves before using the "report" feature, I do not want FSB staff involved if possible but we will help if we can, we will only edit delete feedback if we determine it should be based on info provided us

5. I would encourage you to use the URL to the deal if you can, it will give others an idea of what was sold, how it went, seller comments about item etc


You will see under each members avatar area there is now a trader rating, you will click on this to view that persons ratings and to leave that person ratings

thats it for now as this is new to me as far as administering it, i have used it on other forums as a buyer and seller and its always worked great, please post any question you may have in this thread
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