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I hava a 90 bronco With manually locking hubs, yesterdey when i let go off the gas at about 44mp/h the transfer case starten making a grinding noise, and you can feel i in the gear shifter goes away ehen u get Down in speed, only when i have it in 4x4.
And I think it only happend after I have shifter to overdrive . Anybody got a clue on how I identify the problem?
Thanks in advance

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Yo Rattmuff,
Empty the 1356 fluid. Inspect for shavings etc.
Remove the fill plug from the rear transfer case (7A195). Fluid level should be just below the fill plug.

1356 Fluid Drain & Fill Plug Location pic; "...

The plugs are shiny metal. The right one is the fill plug and the left one is the drain plug..."
Source: by Jem270

1356 Oil pump may be the perp.

Here are the:
1990 Bronco Pre-Delivery Shop & Electrical & Vacuum Troubleshooting Manuals (EVTM), Partial by member Kingfish999 in Google Drive @ 1990 Ford Truck service manuals - Google Drive
1990 Ford Truck Emissions Manual.pdf by Ford via member 90.CaliBronco in Google Drive @ 1990 Ford Truck Emissions Manual.pdf

Suggest you download both for faster scrolling and to use the table of contents index.

1990 Ford Bronco Brochure by Ford via Dezo's Garage @

Haynes Red Manual for 80-95 Bronco & F Series @ Hanes guide 80-96 bko f series.pdf found by Mrs BroncMom!

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Wow Thats an amazing detailed answer, thanks(y) sorry if i posted in the wrong place Dident know, i acually think i found what happened. The gear selektor dont stop att the 4h , seems to go like an inch past if you drag it full back. (It stopps at 4h and then its another stop before you mode it left and back to get to n) hope i explaind it right.
Works witjout a grindibg noise if I diddnt pull it all thw way. Sorry if I wasted yor time
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