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Okay.. I've heard bashing of all sorts regarding the different types of transmissions for our late model Broncos. Since I'm one of those lazy bastards that have no issue shopping at an "getitall" store where I can buy off brand boxers alongside fresh bakery apple pie.. how bout we put all the relevant info in one place? I feel its much easier to see everything in one big pile and sort it, rather than picking through bit by bit to make a picture.

Which transmission is your choice? Why?
What are the strengths of your choice?
What are the weaknesses of your choice?
The most important question: how much $ to get your "choice"?

Why am I creating this semi-useless thread? Cause I'm a lazy punk, as specified above; and my AOD has started to slip into the grave. The clutches for 3rd are beginning to not be as firm and agressive as it used to be. Going from 2 to 3 is sluggish, and OD to 3 takes a few seconds now. I'd like to keep my overdrive, since most of my runs are unloaded on the street, and gas costs too damn much now a days.. but I'm open to other options since I do play in the dirt everynow and then, as well as tow 10,000# occasionally.

So, oh Bronco gods.... whats the answer I seek? Rebuild and beef-ify it, or go another route?

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I say stick with the AOD, get it beefed up and drive it. I noticed you have 33's on your bronco. are you still running the stock gearing by chance. If so that will wear a tranny out sooner because its having to work harder to push that larger tire. goin to a 4.10 ratio front and rear would do the trick and give you some nice acceleration to. The e4od is another option but I feel is to expensive. 1. need new ecu to control the tranny. 2. way more expensive to rebuild, almost twice what your AOD would be to beef it up. 3. any model e4od before 93 or 94 had lots of problems. contact art car they build a mean AOD that will handle anything you can throw at it from your 302.

good luck

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My transmission dreams depend on the vehicle.

Offroad Only (No OD)
Manual: NP-435. Fairly easy to find, fairly cheap, pretty much bullet proof, great crawler gear (6.69 to 1), and you can rebuild it yourself in a weekend. A Borg & Warner T-18 is pretty much the same, little bit easier to find, little bit cheaper, not as nice of a first gear, but will do the job just fine.
Auto: C6. After upgraded clutches and thrust washers (esp for 3rd gear) you cant break it. You can get lower gear sets (ment for dragracing, nice on the rocks).

Highway/Off-highway (w/ OD):
Manual: ZF 5 Speed. Fairly plentiful, still fairly expensive because they are newish, but they are very stout, have OD and a great crawler gear too (5.72 to 1). If you have a Ford engine, they make one that bolts to it (if not all, then most).
Auto: E4OD. The newer ones are the best auto's Ford has put into their vehicles. And alot of performance builders are seeing that, and upgrading them even more. They are going to be a bit pricey, fairly easy to find (harder if you want a newer one). They are rather huge, however. I would settle for a built AOD if I was struggling for driveline length.

These guys look like they build dynomite 4x4 designed trannies. For the price, it better be worth it.

Oh, and check eBay too. Alot of companies sell rebuilt trannies on there frequently. I would try to get one from a seller that has tons of positive feedback, lives near you, and includes a good warranty.

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High Impact builds great products. That is what I am going to replace mine with when time comes.
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