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I've been searching for airline tickets like a madman lately...

If ANYBODY can find me tickets from Newark International Airport (EWR) to Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP) for less than 350, let me know.

Here are the possible dates:
Nov 23, 24, 25 departing EWR
Nov 30 Returning to EWR

I dont care what time of day it is...just throwing htis out there for people with free time online=)


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The airlines are running less and less flights these days, so they fill up quicker and the prices go up, AND you're looking at Thanksgiving holidays as well. If you do find them, you need to book them as soon as possible.

If you can leave on the 23rd and return on the 29th, instead of the 30th, you can get a ticket for $318, but get it now.

I went to and inputted those dates and there's two flights, one for $318 and one for $342 leaving on the 23rd (both leaving 8:05pm) and returning on the 29th. They're not non-stop but for that price, you can't be too picky. They're ATA Airlines, don't know much about them, but again, can't be too picky.

Trust me, I know about plane tickets - I have to find a way to get from Cleveland to Raleigh and then from Raleigh back home to Philly - all by Friday of this week! Cheapest bereavment flight I got quoted was $329 and that's just not doable so now there's a nine hour trip there and seven hours back. :shocked
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