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Traxxas T-Maxx

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SOLD About two quarts of fuel through it. Just broken in.

Still have original box it came in. Will also include the fuel I have left if it's local pick up. Can't ship the fuel.

Includes 3 Channel Transmitter, Original Box, Fuel if local pick up. And what ever tools accessories I have for it.
$250 (obo)+ shipping
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redwagon said:
wow...dont need another rc car...but....
Yesss you do, you know you do. Doooo itttt, Dooooo iittttttt!!!!!!!!!!:goodfinge :toothless
1clean5.8 said:
Dammit I want it but cant spend the cash right now
Use Paypal and pay with a credit card :thumbup :toothless
RebelCowboy said:
so it in great running condition? no broken parts?
its just put fuel in it and go then
You'll need to tune the carb put some fresh fuel in it, batteries, a new glow plug probably wouldn't be a bad idea. Other than the typical things for a nitro car should be pretty good to go. I haven't run it in months. No time no desire. There is nothing broken that I know of. I am the original owner. It's used and dirty but not abused only used in my back yard. It may be worth it to take to a Hobby shop and let them tune the carb it depends on how patient you are, personally I wish they had fuel injection.:toothless
RebelCowboy said:
I can tune it. i got a few nitro cars all 1/8 scale ther just a lil dated and i got why to much $$$$$$ in them to let my kids run them. "Used" to race them when i was younger lol. $250 shipped to 95346
Let me check on shipping and I'll get back to you. Since you're in CA it probably won't be cheap so maybe we can meet in the middle. Let me get a price.
Looks like shipping would be $20.25 based on a weight of 10lbs and the size of the box. If you'd be willing to do $260 shipped it's yours otherwise I'll give it a little time since it's listed on other sites.
redwagon said:
cooooooool....that was a quick sale...
Seeeeee I told you you wanted it. :twak

:thumbup :chili: :beer
1 - 9 of 18 Posts