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Hey, it’s my first post on this website and I’m in need of some help. Recently I’ve encountered an issue with my Bronco (it’s an 1987 with a 5.0 302) the issue was that it wasn’t getting any spark so the first thing I did was replace the ignition coil and still no spark. Later on I replaced the TFI model on the side of the distributor and because of difficulty’s with removing the TFI I had to remove the whole distributor. Skip forward a few hours I’ve got the distributor back in correctly the rotors pointed at #1 and the engine is at TDC according to the balancer mark and I go to turn it over and there’s still no spark going to the plugs. I’m really stumped here and would appreciate any help or advice y’all can give me.

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There are two TDCs, one on the compression stroke and one on the exhaust stroke. Pull a spark plug to find out.
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welcome aboard @Cameron Mathis - can you share what was happening when the truck lost spark (presuming at some point the truck was running properly)?
in addition to verifying you have the correct TDC as @BigBlue 94 suggested, if the distributor is not getting spark we need to go to the next link - the coil - to find out why it is not providing spark or why that spark is not getting to the distributor

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Did you plug the distributor back in?
I've been guilty of this before...

Also, be sure to check out my timing tech thread in my signature. It may help you in this situation.

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What Blue94 said. The timing mark will show tdc on both compression and exhaust stroke (4 stroke motor).
As you rotate the motor by hand, put the #1 plug in super loosely, or put your finger tight over it. As you approach the tdc mark if you don't hear air coming around the plug or your finger gets kinda pushed off, you are on the exhaust stroke so spun it around once more and you're there.

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Yo Cameron Mathis,
See Timing Adjustment in Ford EFI Engines
Source: by sackman9975 (Scott) at FSB

"1. Disconnect primary wiring connector from distributor.
2. Mark position of No. 1 wire tower on distributor base.
3. Remove distributor cap and adapter and position aside leaving wiring attached.
4. Remove rotor to prevent damage.
5. Remove TFI connector.
6. Remove distributor hold-down bolt and clamp. Remove distributor. On vehicles equipped with security-type hold-down bolt, use tool T82L-12270-A or equivalent to remove hold-down bolt.
7. Turn engine until No. 1 piston is on compression stroke." by Ford
8. Align timing marks to proper initial timing.
9. Turn distributor shaft so rotor tip is pointing toward mark made in step 2 on distributor base.
10. Continue turning distributor shaft slightly so leading edge of vane is centered in switch stator assembly
Rotate distributor in block to align leading edge of vane and vane switch and verify that rotor is pointing at No. 1 cap terminal. If vane and vane switchststorr cannot be aligned by rotating distributor in engine block, pull distributor out of block enough to disengage distributor and to engage a different distributor gear tooth. Repeat steps 9, 10, and 11 as necessary.
12. Install distributor hold-down bolt and clamp without tightening.
13. Connect distributor TFI and primary wiring harnesses.
14. Install distributor, rotor adapter, and cap.
15. Using timing light, set initial timing according to specification given on Vehicle emission Information Decal.
16. Torque distributor hold-down bolt to 17---25 ft. lbs.
17. Recheck timing and adjust, if necessary.

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