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Ok, so I have read through previous posts, read articles and watched some videos. With all that information and schematics I have available I want to make sure I am doing this right before I waste a lot of time.

When trouble shooting an electrical problem and the manual says I have to service an open circuit I want to make sure I am going about it the right way.
With this I am checking continuity of the wiring to the part?

So let’s say it’s the EGR Vacuum Regulator.

So I check my Electrical schematic to see what other components are connected to the EVR. To know how to work backwards from the EGR to the ECC Power relay.
(Since the truck starts no need to check the Fuel injectors?)

I am also check my wiring schematic to identify the circuit number, wire colors, splice and other connections locations.


Then use my wiring diagrams to locate the parts.
opern ct 4.jpg

Once everything is located, time to get to work.

First check continuity of sensor output to the computer (through a breakout box) if good start going back towards the ECC power module.

So do I check each item on circuit 361 and see if it has continuity on the EVR?
To help narrow it down check everything that’s on that one splice S154(even if that item works like the fuel injectors?) before moving to the next splice (S172) and all the way to the EEC power module?

If at any point I get continuity there is break in the wire between those two points?

For a CLOSED circuit I will check the voltage that is suppose to be on circuit 361, vice continuity?
Hope this post was not to confusing.
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