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OK. my buddy dave is selling his 74 highboy. I have loved this truck and have a chance to finally get it, but is it what I really want? so I need some opinions here.

Truck is in pretty good shape. little bit of rust, but fairly clean. It's a f-250 II wich means it has the 1 tons suspension and axels but a 3/4 frame.

The motor is a built FE390 bored to 398 with forged pistons, rods, adjustable rockers, dual carb setup, custom built intake, and a factory header/manifold wich I guess from what he was telling me is worth a lot of $$$ its from a 460? I think. not sure though. Runs 8.8:1 compression. with a 6XX lift cam in it. sound like a freakn top fuel dragster but very strong running.
Used to run 11:1 CR but he but more street freindly heads on.

it has 35's on it right now, but they have a flat spot and you can feel it BAD.

Strong truck all-in-all and I like it.

He wants $2000 for it. what do yall think?
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