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So i have an interesting situation with my truck. It is a 90 5-speed, and I just got done replacing the clutch, clutch slave, and bearings. I go to start my truck and the battery was drained dead from the door being cracked open enough over night for the interior light to stay on. No problem, I charge the battery the next night and the truck fires up the next day, take if for a spin and all is right in the universe.
Come back the next day to button up the last few dust boots and little things and had left it on the battery tender over night. Truck starts up, take it for another drive and all seems fine.
Today, I go to start the truck and it will not start. It will not crank either. I hear a click and then all of the electronics go dead. Interior lights, headlights, radio, everything. If I let it sit for 2-3 minutes, I can get the interior lights, radio, etc, to come on, but goes dead again when I crank it. Tested the battery and has plenty of juice, and even put it in the charger and again for 4 hours and same issue.
I did manage to kill all the electronics ONCE by turning on the headlights, but it ALWAYS occurs when I try to start, and will not even crank, just a click and done.

Anyone had a similar problem or any ideas?
Don't think its the clutch safety switch, will not even click if I don't push the clutch in.
Have tested the battery and that does not appears to be the issue as either.

My initial guess is the starter solenoid, but I would that cause ALL the electronics to die?


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you probably killed a cell in the battery by draining it dead.

pull it and take it to a autoparts store for a load test.

if it passes, check all your battery connections including all grounds.
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