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Some stuff for sale everyone. Everything in excellent condition, and as follows:
1) Stock 1995 Ford Bronco Radius Arm to Frame mounts, pair (these can be reused with many/most aftermarket extended arms, mine were used with Rancho radius arms). $30/pr. + ship.SOLD

2) Stock '95 dual shock/spring upper tower from my Bronco, excellent condition $40/pr + ship

3) Stock '95 lower coil mount...steel piece/equipped for swaybar bolton, bolt to TTB housing, and the plastic piece the coil sits on...excellent condition. $30/pr.

4) High steer arms from If you want to do highsteer and have chevy knuckles, these are ready to go, and not at $209+ship partsmike price, but rather $150+ship.:chili: here's a pic or two:

pic of 1 of the RA to frame mounts:
deleted since they are sold.

pic of item 4 partsmike high steer arms. Note, these are the arms/studs/conical washers/nuts ONLY. The chevy flat top knuckles are on my truck. These were installed for about 2 weeks, but if you search the SAS section, seeing as this is a daily driver, and I was having trouble getting the trackbar to draglink angularity decent, I have for now given up on them, and someone else who already has this figured out will benefit:

Here is a link to partsmike if you are unfamiliar with their stuff..very good quality for a good price:
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