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TTB Uniball

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Can anyone post up pics or point me to a link with a write up on changing over their 4x4 beam end bushings to uniballs?

Looking for what size you used, how much you had to drill out the beam end, if you plated the beam, how you clearanced the mis-alignments for the brackets, any tips, etc.

With a 1" uniball, it seems there will not be enough room to aritculate inside teh bracket w/ the mis-alignments. 3/4" might work, though.

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Brian(Yikes ) did it to his beams, i'm sure he has pics.
Well, mine aren't the prettiest, but I think they'll work. Ha! Michael, I think the maximum rotation you'll see is 13.5dgr's or so, assuming a 36" radius arm. The Uniball cup is 2.625, so the maximum displacement you'll get is approximately .306" from center. In otherwords, you'll need 5/16 clearance at the top and bottom of the Uniball cup. The factory pivot brackets fit the misalignment spacers from Camburg, but the cups are too wide at 1.500", yielding only approximately .200" displacement, as you can see in the picture below.

The Uniball is rotated approximately 8dgr's in this picture. I'm going to modify the pivot bracket, or fab another to gain the additional 1/4" width.

Here you can see the bottom of the factory pivot will have ample clearance, because it's short and rolls out at the ends. Don't look too close at my po-dunk welds.

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