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Turn Signals, Hazards & Brake lights don't work?

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I've searched the site, but there are a couple issues on mine that are stumping me. I have a 95 Bronco and the turn signals don't blink or light, the hazards don't work, and the rear brake lights don't work (the top brake light does though), running lights do work. One of things the things that is throwing me is don't these have two flashers (blinkers & hazards) could both my flashers be bad? Going to replace them, but in the event this doesn't work, I'm hoping to have some other things lined up to try. Fuses & bulbs seem to all be fine. The other thing that doesn't make sense is the center top brake light works. Wouldn't this be all connected or am I looking at wiring issues? Thanks in advance!
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CK the Multi-Function Switch (MFS);
Multi-Function Switch (MFS) Testing 92-96; See Steve's Steering Column Diagram for removal/installation;
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at

the MFS testing is done disconnected; it's strictly an internal test of the MFS
Multi-Function Switch (MFS) Cleaning & Internal pics in a 2001 Explorer; Miesk5 NOTE, as Steve wrote it should be electrically & functionally identical to our years; "...Wipe with a rag, hit with contact cleaner and an old toothbrush to clean. Regrease with dielectric grease. Save ~$80 for a new switch that will only last ~4 years..."
Source: by Electrohacker at

Multi-Function Switch (MFS) Replacement in a 95
Source: by mustangjonny84 at

Multi-Function Switch (MFS) Wiring Diagram in 92-96 Bronco & F 150; for lighting only, turn signals, head lights, hazards, etc.
Source: by seijirou at
See how the High Mounted brake light ckt bypasses da MFS?
& the Flashers?
Turn Signal Flasher Assembly is in front; lower right;

Hazard is on the back of da fuse panel, behind the turn signal flasher
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Ye this sound like a classic MFS problem.
Fortunately... Stev_83 lives five minutes from me. I was picking up another part and he pointed me in the right direction. Just hit hazard switch in and out for about a minture, which cleans the MFS contacts and presto.
Great stuff!
Say hello to Steve for me.
I was having the exact same issue but with a brand new MFS, I have been troubleshooting for three days :banghead before I found this thread and thought what do I have to lose. To my amazement after pressing the hazard button in and out for about a minute as fast as I could the blinkers started working. Still no flashers but I can live with it. Thanks to all, I am new to the sight and have found everything needed by searching.:beer

lol.. this is just like "kick the **** out it and it will work" as used on the old 1st generation color TVs and countless other items
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