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My father-inlaw traded his '80 Bronco for a '96 and complains that the turning radius of the new truck is drastically increased.

Is there a difference between these trucks or did Ford just adjust the steering stops to reduce the number of idiots going wheels up on fast corners?

Looking at his new truck there are two little plates screwed to the front of the axle housing. Either these are stops that could be easily removed or they are sacrificial material put there to keep the steering stop on the knuckles from digging into and weakening the housing over time.

The adjustable steering stops on the back side of the axle appear to be screwed in all the way. Removing the bolts would give you the thickness of the bolt head more turning. Maybe you could just grind the head thinner for sharper turning?

All my trucks are solid axle rigs, and I don't have any experience with the twin I beam front end. Can anyone explain the difference between the '90 and '96 and advise me what I can and should not do to adjust the turning radius on the new truck?
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