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First step on making any V-8 pump out more power is letting it breathe properly. That consists of a low restriction intake, such as a K&N FIPK. Then i went the route of trying out one of those poweraid throttle body spacers, which really does give a boost in power (i got 8hp). From there it's time for a new intake manifold. I'm not very familiar with 302's (i'm running a 351W), but from the sounds of it, the GT40 "P" heads and intake are the best bet. However, in my experience, there aren't many headers that fit GT40 heads so i have no input there. All that can be said for exhaust is big pipes and H-pipes to even out pressure. With mine I had to modify the skid plate for my t-case so i could fit the pipe leading off of the left side of the engine, but it's not too tough. Go with a high flow cat like those from summit, and some flowmaster mufflers. After you're done getting you're engine to breathe properly, it's time to rework the insides of it. I came from the school of thought that says theres no replacement for displacement, so to get some more power out of mine, I bored it .030 over stock, and with only 12k on the engine, you should be fine to do that. Forged pistons are the only way to go, even with the low miles on the engine, they make a noticeable difference over your stock ones. From there a new cam, but read up on them first, and make sure you understand all about duration and lift. After all of that, replace the plugs with some iridium ones, they resist heat better than platinum. So long as you're messing with you're electrical system, try out NGK spark wires, but i'm not sure they're available for your particular application. As for ignition, MSD is the only way to go. Sorry for writing a book, but i'm just trying to give you as many tips as i can so you can really get a neck-snapper when you're done with it.

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306 / 302 = 1.01

so an overbore of .030" is about a 1% change in displacement.

this is most likely way under the tolerence in the manufacture of stock injectors.

I think this is yet another example of Fireguy talking out his backside.

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Are you chalanging me? :twak
It has nothing to do with injector size retard. If the computer is programed for 302 cubes it will only open the injectors for that.
You put a 302 computer on anything larger it will run lean. Simple as that. Injectors are under the control of the computer, you f**k with the engine outside the programing you loose. No matter how "big" your injectors are or "little" you penis is.

Go to my web site, READ IT! then call me out to a chalange.

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