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Ultimate Plug and Wire thread...

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This kinda goes along with BoulderBroncos thread on what plugs to run in his new motor...

Everyone seems to have a different preference as far as what kind of plugs to use. There are certain things to be taken into consideration, Such as stock or aftermarket ignition, performance upgrades, etc...I also would like to see some gap size #'s.

Right now im running Autolite's gapped at .050 w/ 8mm accel wires. Next tune up im gonne give NGK plugs a shot with Ford Motorsport 9mm wires.
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motorsport 9mm wires and motorcraft plugs.....but Im partial to factory equipment with things like plugs and wires
FRPP 9mm wires and Champion truck plugs.
I have Ford Motorsport 9mm wires, MSD 6A ignition, MSD Blaster coil, MSD cap and rotor, and I am currently using Bosch Platinum+4's.
However I called MSD just a few days ago to see what they would recommend using and they said to use a standard copper spark plug. The more copper the better.
They said it didnt matter what brand or type just as long as it was all copper.

SO that will be the next plug i am going to. Kinda wish I would have saved my $56.00 I spent on those +4 plugs. Oh well live and learn.
id be interested in the resistance in the 9mm motor sports wires. for the money it looks like $60 MSD 8.5mm are lowest rated at 50ohm, the next cheapest in summit is $110. MSD could be more for your application, they just dont list them all. when i put in the offroad i will still run solid copper plugs gapped at .050"
Dustin said:
motorsport 9mm wires and motorcraft plugs.....but Im partial to factory equipment with things like plugs and wires
I am running Ford Racing 10mm plug wires and Bosch +4 Platinum Plugs, a Hypertech cap and rotor, and a hypertech coil, other then that stock ignition

This combo has worked flawlessly for me so far
what size plug wires do you reccommend for stock ignition?
9mm motorsport wires, Accel Performance cap and rotor. autolites gapped at whatever they are supposed to be gapped at.

i am going to re gap them out to .060 at the advice of sixlitre, and get an Accel coil.
Good topic Zach... I'll be doing this soon myself! :thumbup
I am running a MSD 6AL, MSD 8.5s (i think), a MSD blaster coil, MSD cap and rotor, and autolites gapped to .050
MSD 8.5s
Autolite p/n 104 (GT-40P style)

Ive only ever run split fires and that was on my ranger... after that it was autolites or champion trucks for ever
since we are on the topic, how critical is gap? I never thought it to be a big deal. I could not find the specs for my 93 so I just put them in. They were at .037 out of the box.
They were at .037 out of the box.
:shocked :shocked :shocked Open those up a bit.

Stock is .044 or .045. I added the MSD TFI coil and opened the plugs up to .055. I also run the Jacobs wires, cap and rotor. I liked the Jacobs wires because they have the "vari-angle" boot. When you first put them on, you can make whatever reasonable bend to be sure that you have enough clearance when running headers. Don't want to melt a boot and have a miss.
I'm running the MSD TFI coil, MSD cap and rotor, Taylor Spiro pro wires, and autolite copper plugs gapped to .050, love this setup and IMO you can't beat the taylor wires.
I'm running Accel 300+ race wires, Autolite plugs at .45, Accel cap and roter,
and a FRPP E351 coil (Crane PS91).

I like the 300+ wires becouse you cut them to your own desired length.
Ford Motorsport 9mm wire, Ford Cap/rotor, Champion Copper Plugs gapped to .058, Jacobs Omni-Torquer coil. Works great!
My Accel 8mm Race wires crapped out on me. I had to change them in the parts store parking lot. So, I'm running POS 8mm wires with Ford plugs. The fanschy shmancy bosch plugs didn't last either. After talking with some local mud runners and hearing what nascar uses, I'm sticking with Ford stuff.
Jacobs Omni Torquer, Jacobs 9mm ceramics, Champion truck plugs gapped at .60, Accel cap. Other than the plugs (change every 30,000), this system has been in my Bronco for over 3 years and have had ablsolutely no problems.
would 8mm wires be ok for a stock ignition? or should i get some 8.5 or 9mm?
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