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You won't really need anything to support the frame. At the very least, cut, and drill, yourself some backing plates. All the mounts, really, are there for, are to hold the sliders in place, under the rocker panels. Personally, I think 2x4 is a bit big, but obviously, that's your call, and it certainly won't hurt anything using that.

If you look in Crazed's superford page You can see how close I made the sliders to the rocker panel. The way it is, there's very little upwards movement, before it hits the rocker, preventing the frame from flexing much at all. There's certainly alot more frame flex when standing on the sliders, but that only happens when you're using them to get into the Bronco

Otherwise, you realy don't need to get fancy with 'em
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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