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Unidentified Plugs

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Can any of you all help me ID these 2 plugs? The 1st is on the passenger side between the battery and rad in the headlight harness

1. Black wire 2 white stripes + black wire 2 green stripes

2. Near firewall on drivers side in the bundle going through the firewall. 2 blue almost wires one has 2 black stripes.

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Perhaps I can’t see your sig but a year would help.

Light blue seems to be common for transfer case position.

The other is guess is an AC plug, maybe to a pressure switch?
I updated my signature in the Tapatalk app, guess it doesn’t show up even though it’s set in the online forum.

Anyway, thanks for the reply it’s an 88. That’s what I suspected for the AC pressure plug but I don’t the male end of the plug close by/not connected.

1988 Bronco XLT 351w C6 trans
1 - 3 of 3 Posts