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Update, fan shroud and more testing

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Well Rock Auto sent me the incorrect shroud for the 2nd time..called customer svc and they said not to bother shipping it back.. wound up ordering another from Should be here Monday or Tuesday, let's hope it's the right one..

Friday evening I had some help and was able to check the compression, and recheck the fuel pressure. Fuel pressure was right at 30 which seems a little low so we bumped it up to 35, not sure if that will help, but it can't hurt.

Checked the compression. Seems that cylinders 3 and 8 are a little lower than all of the others, 3 was around 130 and 8 was 135, not what you want to see on a recently rebuilt motor, but I'm not tearing this thing apart. Figure I will drive it as is and see whether the code comes back..
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