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Hey guys, we tried making our site easier to load and view for all different style computers and connection speeds.

We would like to hear how it works out for you and how you like it, also feel free to post in our new comments page, you dont have to register you can just add comments, id love to hear it.

As for the NAT ranger/Bronco combination, we have a big push ahead of us to finish it intime for the Bloomsberg 4 wheel Jamboree in PA but it will be there.

Cant wait to go driving threw town at night and see the sites again, hopefully run into a good amount of FSB members.

There will be alot of pictures soon to come, and the videos will be activated within the next couple days. DVD some time after this year.

So check it out if you dont mind... and let me know how you like it and how the trucks are comming along.

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