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upgraded dome light... info for those interested >>

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I got tired of the old, ugly, oxidized, pitted, dull illumination, antique, factory Bronco dome light and ditched it last night... Man, that thing is hideous...

I replaced it with a dome light out of a 95 Mustang... which is TONS better and looks awesome once installed!

For those wondering what one looks like, IF you have never seen one, it looks EXACTLY like this one:


The new dome light has MUCH better lighting qualities, plus the dual map lights are WAY better than the original Bronco map lights... it looks awesome once installed too - gives a slightly more modern look... This unit ROCKS!

EASY Directions for swap/upgrade:

1) remove old dome light lens cover (if yours is still in place, many of them fall off and get lost or broke over the years). To remove it, grasp the lens cover and pull, or, use a small flat head screw driver and pry off the cover. If yours is already missing, you're ahead of the game!

2) Get a Phillips head screwdriver. Looking at the dome light base once the lens cover is removed, there are (3) Phillips head screws. REMOVE all (3). Once the 3rd screw is almost out, grasp the dome light, otherwise it will fall on your head. Remove dome light, stomp on it and throw it away, or resell on eBay for few bucks

3) After old dome light is removed, there *might* be a white plastic triangle spacer still attached to the ceiling OR it may be on the back of the old dome light - you can DISCARD this piece, as it is not needed.

4) Get your "NEW" 94-current Mustang dome light and remove the lens cover. To remove the lens cover, there is a small indentation on the base under the lens cover, use a small flat head screw driver, insert into the indentation area and pry off the lens cover.

5) Hold the new dome light to the ceiling and match up the (3) screw holes (you may need a flashlight or shop light to see through the little holes for alignment).

6) Re-install the (3) screws to secure the new dome light to the ceiling. Test the light out by opening the door, or turning the light knob ON so you have the interior light on with the door closed. if all works out well, re-install the lens cover (it just snaps into place)


I purchased a black dome light like the one in the above link - for the same price off of eBay. That is the BEST pricing for them, don't pay any more than $10 for one...

TRUST ME - for those with the older crappy antique dome lights, you'll REALLY like the upgrade!!!!
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You're probably the 800th person to "discover" this mod. ;) Mustangs only have black domes; other cars and some trucks & vans get colored ones. Most have a smooth lens (spot), but many 4-door trucks' rear domes have a ridged (flood) lens, if you prefer.

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Nice write up. Might have to look into doing that since the stock one isnt bright enough for me

not to hijack but would this work? I would LOVE more light in the cab of the bronco....

Ebay Auction

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Steve83 said:
You're probably the 800th person to "discover" this mod. ;)
DANGIT! Here I thought I was like Christopher Columbus discovering unchartered territory! :toothless :beer
Pretty cool. Gonna have to look into one of those myself..
I got mine out a 94 Aerostar and the grey matches my interior to. Not like the tan Explorer OHC I put in but I dont care. I like junkyard camo.
good write up. I know where there is a wrecked newer mustang, I might have to go and get that dome light. Thanks
The factory plastic dome light is an unbelievable improvement over the chrome one; don't put that RV-lookin' POS on your roof! :uke:
Did that style come stock starting in 95 or 96?

I've seen it in trucks as old as '93 in junkyards, but I've also seen the chrome one in '96s, so I don't think there was a definite changeover point.
Thats pretty sweet. Im def going to try and make that happen before the summer is over
The new one I put in my Bronco matched my interior color it off ebay. I think it was for a t-bird.......or whatever....stole it for like $9 + S&H.
In any case it did take a bit of fooling around with the wires and all, but after about a hour of trile and error I got it working perfect.

It looks like this , but was still in the factory pac.
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Why did you have to mess with wires? The 3 mounting screws hit your original terminals in the roof perfectly (unless you originally had the cheapo dome with no map lights).
I just installed the mustang dome light in my truck, that thing is friggin' bright. Looks way better as well. :thumbup
I was at Pick-A-Part today and found nothing I was looking for and as I was about to walk out I remembered this mod. B-Man had shown me his Dome light and I started looking around. I found a grey one on a 98 Taurus that had a perfect lens. I looked around a bit more and found a tan one on another Taurus with a cracked lens. I pulled that one along with a few inches of wiring and the clips. I then went back and swapped lenses on the first Taurus. It was a whopping $10.15 I got home and installed in a few minutes. It was a direct bolt on except one of the old clips was busted. Good thing I got the clips for the new one. A few minutes later and it was installed.

OEM Light

Taurus Light

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thats pretty sweet
i did it too, and love it. i can't get my side clicker lights to work though. could be a fuse somewhere, but the overhead light is absolutely amazing compared to the old one
Steve83 said:
Why did you have to mess with wires? The 3 mounting screws hit your original terminals in the roof perfectly (unless you originally had the cheapo dome with no map lights).

I just tried this, and found that the mounting screws do not match up (have a 91 with the good map light dome) I had to pull the wires off the roof (where they were clipped on) then attach them to the dome. I screwed the dome in (only one screw will fasten, the grounding screw now, urgh, and i'm blowing fuses like mad. Looks like I did something wrong. I had it working, then it started blowing fuses. Nothing is ever as easy as it sounds.
i replaced my chrome one for one like 90beater a few months ago and they worked great but now my map lights dont come on...does anyone know what could be wrong with it now....
will they fit on a 86 bronco? my light is absolutly useless
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