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upper michigan wheeling

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upper michigan wheeling (56k beware)

this was from my clubs spring opener run...i'll add more pictures as i get them...sorry, i was the only FSB and there was on early bronco...

this F-350 is on 42" tsl's...and they disappear...

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Nice pics ya got there. That buggy in the first 2 shots is fugly though.
johnski said:
Nice pics ya got there. That buggy in the first 2 shots is fugly though.

lol, yeah, but it did surprisingly well...
the s-10 blazer ended up sucking some water it going again, eventually...

and this is me not wanting to go into the very cold water to try to dig out my rear tow point after the bronc died there...

and this was the end of the road for the buggy...tried to climb through this hole, but ended up ramming right into the ground, sending the fan into the radiator...
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Awesome pics. Too dang cold up there....Ice in that mud.
Looks like fun. When was that? its suprising marquette has any snow left. We still have like a foot left in the woods but after this week of warm temps and rain should be good and muddy soon.
it was in the 40's most of the day, pretty nice. that run was off 550 between marquette and big bay on saturday 4-8-06. there's some pretty decent snow in the woods around there...i was just on a rescue mission yesterday to get a subaru out of the woods, they had it buried in almost 2 feet of snow...
Awesome pics...I love the trees, as stupid as that sounds. There aren't any trees in Texas...makes me hate it here more and more!
Cool pics, looks like up here at Tech but more water. Another month and we'll have that stuff called mud
great pics and lotsa mud,can't ask for anymore.
that's all on a 2" receiver hitch...
Lookin good.

Were those rigs all locked up and making it through? Or were they open differential one-wheeling it through that muck?
a lot of the rigs were locked in the rear, there were a couple that were locked f&r. there was a pretty big selection. the run is my club's annual spring opener where we invite anyone out...well we always do, but we advertise the run big and try to recruit more members. there was another group of mostly stock trucks that went to a different location as well. these pictures are all from the run with the more "built" rigs...
very cool. looks DAMN cold though.

Nice pics, and rig too.
Ptack1 said:
very cool. looks DAMN cold though.

Nice pics, and rig too.
You Cali and AZ boys gotta come up here and see what winter wheelin is all about. 35 degrees and wheelin is t-shirt weather.
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