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82 with a 351 w and I would like to replace all of the vaccum lines under the dash while I have it removed. Previous owner cut some of the lines and I'm not sure how to reconnect.

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Yo Jolene82,
I haven't had an opportunity to WELCOME you to FSB!
As packagerjr advised to help you troubleshoot your 82, here's;
EEC 3 aka EECIII Testing, vacuum & wiring diagrams, locations, etc in an 82 by Tommy @ Wayback Machine
"Woe was me, when I found out my 82 Ford Bronco was an EEC 3!
I had searched all over the engine compartment for the infamous "self test connector", only to find NONE.
Finally figuring it probably was a pre EEC 4 system, my disappointment turned to reality, when I discovered the printed EEC III label on the ECU."

1982 Bronco Dealer Brochure by Ford via Gary @ 1982 Bronco

1981 Bronco/F Series Electrical & Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual (EVTM), partial via Gary @ 1981 EVTM - Gary's Garagemahal (the Bullnose bible) many items are similar to your 82.
In the EVTM there are some component descriptions and locations such as;

Here is the 1982 Bronco 351 Vacuum diagram;

Some abbreviations/acronyms, not all nec. for your year/engine::
A/CL: Located in the air cleaner
A/CL DV: Air Cleaner Diverter Valve
A/CL BI MET: Air Cleaner Bi-Metallic Valve
A/CL CWM: Air Cleaner Cold Weather Modulator
ACT: Air Charge Temperature Sensor, prior to 1992
ACTS: Air Cleaner Temperature Sensor
ACV: Air Control Valve or Air Cleaner Heat Stove Vacuum Motor
AIR: Thermactor, short for Thermal Reactor. CA vehicles are installed with it as standard. Air Injection Reaction is what it stands for.
AIR BPV: AIR BPV is the AIR Bypass (AIRB) Valve; also called the TAB (Thermactor Air Bypass) Valve
BV: Bowl Vent (on top of the float tanks)
CARB: Carburetor
CBD: Closed Bowl Distributor
CPRV: Canister Purge Valve
DIST: Distributor
DPFE: Differential Pressure Feedback
DV-TW:Two Way Delay Valve
EFCA: Electronic Fuel Control Assembly/ (Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR)
EGR: Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EXH HCV: Exhaust Heat Control Valve
EVP: EGR Valve Position
EGR: Valve Position
EVR: EGR Vacuum Regulator; also called EGR Vacuum Solenoid
FLTR: Filter
FPR: Fuel Pressure Regulator (check vacuum line)
HEAT VLV INT: Heat Vacuum Control Valve Intake, (next to carb)
HICV: Hot Idle Control Valve
IAT: Intake Air Temperature Sensor (Air Charge Temperature (ACT), prior to 1992
IVV: Thermactor Idle Vacuum Valve
LCV: EGR Load Control
MAN VAC: Manifold vacuum-Vacuum source; usually ref. to as Vacuum Tree atop intake manifold]
MAP: Manifold Absolute Pressure
PCV: Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PURGE: Vapor Canister Purge Valve
PV: Ported Vacuum
PVS: Ported Vacuum Switch (PVS) Valve
S: Spark port
SA-FV: Separator Assembly Fuel/Vacuum
SOLV: Thermactor Solenoid Valve
SV CBV: Carborator Fuel Bowl Solenoid Vent Valve
TCAC: Thermostatically Controlled Air Cleaner
TCP: Temperature Compensated Accelerator Pump
TK: Throttle Kicker
TVS: Throttle Valve Solenoid (aka Solepot, Dashpot)
TVS: Temperature Vacuum Switch
TVV: Thermal Vacuum Valve
or, TVV: Thermostatic Vacuum Valve (aka Ported Vacuum Switches; Thermal Vacuum Valve)
VAC: Vacuum
VCKV or V CK V or VCV: Vacuum Check Valve
VCV: Vacuum Control Valve
VDV: Vacuum Delay Valve
V CK V or VCV: Vacuum Check Valve
VOTM: Vacuum Operated Throttle Modulator
VRDV: Distributor Vacuum Delay Valve (VDV, VRDV, DV-TW)
VRDV: Vacuum Delay Valve (VDV, VRDV, DV-TW)
VRESER: Vacuum Reservoir (coffee can style in earlier years; replaced by plastic style)
VRESV REST: on earlier years such as SEABRONC's 83 is a Vacuum Restictor/delay valve, it delays vacuum for a certain amount of time
VRV: Vacuum Regulator Valve
WOT: Wide Open Throttle Valve

Let us know if you need help finding components, etc

Bronco/F Series Specifications by Gary @ Axle Ratios - Gary's Garagemahal (the Bullnose bible)
See more info by Gary!

Baba Looey's Favorite FSB Links (lots and lots of tech links) @ Baba Looey's Favorite FSB Links (lots and lots of tech links)
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Baba Looey's Favorite FSB Links (lots and lots of tech links) @ Baba Looey's Favorite FSB Links (lots and lots of tech links)
Includes good stuff such as Tailgate Tech!

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Thank you for the information! I'll start taking a look,soon. Mostly looking for how to reconnect this harness.

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Is that for the the HVAC Control Panel?
For a YARD SEARCH on-line, I use;
Quality Replacement Parts | Find Used Auto Parts | Online Locator
A yard that uses Hollander Interchange can search other yards and have it shipped.
"...For over eighty years, Hollander has been making the best tool for fast, interchangeable part matches. The new Edition Hollander Interchange contains more interchangeable options than ever before.
The Hollander Interchange provides auto recyclers and auto collectors, rebuilders, and others with the easiest and most comprehensive solution for identifying interchangeable auto parts..." See their yard Directory @: Seller Directory | Used Auto Parts | Hollanderparts
Has Vehicle Pics for some vehicles
If a specific part, such as the harness isn't listed, search again for the next higher assembly, such as in this instance, Search: 1982 >Ford > Bronco > Interior > Dash Assembly > Alternate Dash Assembly.
only one yard is listed:

Ike and Son Transmission
96502 E. U.S. 40 Craig, CO 81625
No pic

try Car-Part.com--Used Auto Parts Market
Can select certain parts
Can search by year range, such as 92 through 96 & has best item condition descriptions such as "COVER BAD LEATHER PWR BKT GRY"
Has Vehicle Pics for some vehicles incl. interior/dash, back seat, front & rear and engine bay

Check local AutoZone, etc for in-line vacuum hose connectors.
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