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I don't think the factory used rubber vacuum lines like that. I would guess it was added by someone, either for a vacuum gauge or, more likely, as a replacement for the white plastic line that always crumbles.

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96 HVAC vacuum;
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"An A/C vacuum hose harness (19C827) completes the connections between the vacuum control switch mounted in the A/C control (19980), the vacuum control motors (18A318), and the A/C vacuum reservoir tank and bracket (19A566) where the A/C system receives its vacuum from the engine vacuum source.

The outside air/recirculated air door is located in the A/C evaporator case (19897). It is operated by a vacuum control motor (18A318) in response to movement of the function air control knob (18519).

When the knob is in the NORM, A/C, VENT, FLOOR, MIX and DEFROST positions, the door is open to admit outside air; when the knob is in the OFF or MAX A/C position, the door is moved by vacuum to shut off outside air and open the passageway so that inside air can be recirculated through the system.

Outside Air/Recirculated Air Door and Vacuum Control Motor
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See 1996 Bronco/F-Series
Section 12-00: Climate Control System, Service
1996 F-150, F-250, F-350, F-Super Duty and Bronco, F-Super Duty Motorhome Chassis Workshop Manual​
Pinpoint Tests"

96 5.8 Emissions Vacuum:
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Thanks Miesk5. The black vacuum line, in the same loom as the white one that operates the HVAC door, goes to the check valve. It's nice to be able to press on the accelerator and not have the A/C quit blowing.

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as advised above someone repaired the blend door vacuum line..common problem area on these rigs.
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