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I'm posting this here so I don't beaten too mercilessly. I'm doing a little restoration work on my daughter's '86 F150 and while cleaning out some leaves from under the hood, I noticed this on the passenger side of the engine compartment near the firewall.

The hose indicated by the red arrow has apparently broken off from the spot indicated by the yellow arrow. The other end of this hose connects to the rear of the canister indicated by the blue arrow. The hose (I assume it's a vacuum hose) is very brittle and the other one coming out of that grommet looks like it's about to break as well. What is this stuff and how do I fix it?


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I had a similar issue with mine. there's a link to my repair thread in my sig. Maybe it will help.

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yo deadeyedick,
John has a great article on that!

You may have some other vac hose/components leaks, so here is my info; see the Post for HOT LINKs to pics, etc.
Vacuum Leak Test; On an idling engine check for vacuum leaks a garden hose section or even a gift wrap yube, flex pvc piping....
On COLD ENGINE only, use propane torch w/rubber hose attached, UNLIT or spray carb cleaner, when it gets to the the leak the RPMs will rise.
Also check: vacuum hoses; intake manifold gasket & throttle body;
Tree Location pic

Source: by joelb23 at

PCV line - pic by Bbronco311

& EGR Sys Vacuum Tank & Thermactor sys; 2ndry air (looks like a coffee can in earlier years)- see my site @ see my site @

AC, heater, defroster, vent control ckt & vacuum tank (plastic ball type), under dash & lines to HVAC door motors; power brake booster, PCV

A great diagnsotic tool is a gas master vacuum gauge

Vacuum Gauge Diagnosis

Carbon Canister (Charcoal Canister, Vapor Canister, Evaporative Emission (EVAP) Canister for the Evaporative System

& Line to & the power brake booster

is the Check Engine Light (CEL) on while engine is running?

CEL warning indicator comes on when the electronic engine control system is not working properly. The check engine warning indicator comes on briefly when the ignition switch lock cylinder is turned to ON, and should turn off when the engine starts. If the check engine warning indicator does not come on when the ignition switch lock cylinder is turned to ON or if it comes on while the vehicle is moving, the system is malfunctioning or a previous owner or shop removed the bulb or bulb is burnt out; less likely is a bad CEL ckt.

Have it scanned for Code for free at a part store;
heat the engine up; idle until temp gauge is in normal range you usually see
and when it warms up; shift thru all gears incl Reverse anyway.
Then turn off all accessories/lights, etc.
Make sure A/C is off and transmission is in Park (automatic)
Do Key On Engine Off (KOEO) portion first.
The engine temperature must be more than 180°F for the KOER Self-Test.
Look Codes up in my site using the new Search function if in a hurry today.
And Post em here according to
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