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valve cover gaskets

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valve cover gaskets, UPDATED: driver's side removal

hey guys, by valve cover gasket on the passenger side started to leak like hell so i decided to document the process of replacing them both. its kinda a pain with the upper intake manifold in the way so someone might need help. here is a link to the superford folder in which the pictures are in as well as a short explaination as to what you have to do in each picture.
im not done with it all yet, ive only gotten the intake manifold and pass. side valve cover off so far. im taking my time since the bronco isnt my daily driver anymore, but im gonna finish it up after exams which start next week. later yall, and i hope this helps someone.
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Good job

but where's the pictures of those beautiful blue FelPro PermaDryPlus silicone valve cover gaskets that are going to outlast every other gasket made ?

good question, i dont have them yet, but i am wondering one thing, in my previous post about gaskets someone mentioned these metal gaskets that were used on mustangs, my question is, why do i have them on my bronco allready?

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Couldn't answer that one.

Ask yourself "do I want to buy something I know leaks or do I want better ?". Then buy the blue ones. They go on, and stay, completely dry and you can re-tighten them over and over again.

Nicely done bro :beer wish I woulda had this to go by when i tackled mine, had to have my wife drive me to work a couple of days until I could figure it all out :brownbag
Good job on the write up, can't wait to see the finished product..By the way, how are you going to remember where the vacuum lines go?? Did you mark them?
i took massive amounts of pictures so i should be able to figure out where they all go.
smart man.. :thumbup :thumbup
I just did those this weekend as well... except it was on a Chebby. I dont know why they made the gasket surface rough cast, thin and with only 4 bolt holes... recipe for disaster. I used RTV on the head side and gasket shalac on the cover. I may try doing Fords with shalac on both sides as before I went with a very thin layer of RTV on both
well i got some more done. ive removed and documented the driver's side and sometime this next weekend i should be done. feel free to ask any questions.

Edit: opps i forgot the link
I have to do this job and was happy to find this post with some help from miesk5. Unfortunately the pictures links are broken and the super pages link comes back as not found either... :cry

Any change you still have the writeup?

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