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Member Vendor posting and Forum Rules

Cost: $65.00 per year

Payable by PayPal through the SUBSCRIPTIONS page

What is a Member Vendor? A Member Vendor is an upgrade to a regular FSB Membership that allows the upgraded Member Vendor to use the FSB Member Vendors area to sell products and/or services specific to the '78 - '96 Ford Bronco. Some of these Member Vendors are regular, participating members from our community and some are small businesses that offer unique or custom products or services that our membership may be hard pressed to find elsewhere. As with all our For Sale categories, upgrading to a MEMBER VENDOR requires 75 posts, prior to purchasing the MEMBER VENDOR UPGRADE.

Benefits: Vendors may post their products or services in the FSB Member Vendors forum for view by a strong member base. Vendors will be able to directly upload pictures from their computer to the vendor forum without having to worry about linking them from another service. Vendors and members are also welcome to use the chat feature to discuss deals in real time.

The Rules for Vendors:

1. 1 New Thread per product per day (10 products=10 threads)
2. Unlimited Replies to all threads
3. No bashing of other competitors
4. No negative posting in competitor threads (ie. "my product is better")
5. Be courteous to members
6. Please try to reply to all questions
7. Please do not flood forums with new threads
8. Please limit thread bumping to product releases and/or once a week (All thread bumps will be subject to deletion)

The Rules for Members:

1. Please only reply with comments or questions about products
2. Do not bash vendors (ie. so and so's slider/price/shipping/service is better)
3. No FLAMING (posts will be removed)
4. NO useless posts (Please ask questions and comments as needed)
5. Be courteous to vendors
6. Participate AT YOUR OWN RISK
7. Please report any problems to an admin or MOD
8. Members cannot create threads, only reply

The Legal Stuff: FullSizeBronco.com, its owner, admins and MODS will accept no responsibility for any sales/deals made in this forum, however we will strive to provide a fraud free forum to the best of our ability.
This subscription is for Member Vendor only. Corporate companies please contact [email protected] if you would like to become a Vendor.
We reserve the right to review and refund your membership upgrade if you do not fall into the member vendor qualifications.
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