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I have n 89 bought it lifted, switched out old superlift shocks with skyjackers.... Rides great but I believe the 4" blocks in the rear are causing it to sway more then I would like it to and don't seem to sound for my truck.... It also has a 5" bodylift with 35 12.50 15's did have 20*14's but they're a waste they do nothing but cause damage n a shit ride... But the question is can I do a shackle flip with stock shackles in stock mount holes or even drop them a bit to get the 4" s I need? Any help would be great..

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shackle flip usually nets around 5" of lift, if I remember reading right. blocks suck.
maybe shackle flip, test and if it still feels unstable, replace the rear sway bar. :shrug

someone who knows better will pop in sooner or later. welcome to FSB! :beer

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post up some pictures would help.

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do you still have swaybars or did you take them off? bushings still good? that might help with sway

5" body lift?! that's far worse than 4" blocks.

as long as the U-bolts are high quality they should never be a problem. using low quality u-bolts and stacking blocks is what really gives them a bad name. blocks shouldn't really affect sway other than the truck being taller. I ran 3" blocks on my old 96 and would jump the hell out of it. ive bent and broken leaf springs, twisted many axles, and broken bout anything imaginable but have never had a problem with blocks

F250 leaf springs add about 3" of lift and are some stiffer which should help remove sway.
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