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1986 Eddie Bauer 5.0EFI AOD Full length headers Y pipe into single 3" Magnaflow 3" factory exit
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This summer i called a place recommended to me about getting the front end alignment on my newly acquired & stock height 1986 Bronco straightened out. My camber was way off, top of the tires were towed bad, alignment all jacked up. It was just decades of neglect.from previous owners. The first thing the guy asked was if I had new front springs on it, which I did not, so he said before bringing it in, to replace my front springs, & this will lift the front end spring sag to bring that caster/camber back closer to where it should be. So I ordered some stock height front springs from rock auto & when they came in, out of curiosity I put some painters tape on my fender & marked 35" on the tape. I then put the front springs on & I was amazed to see that it had raised my front end 1 1/2" & my wheels were nearly perfectly straight up & down. I then took it to get aligned & the caster& camber both measured in spec, all they did was adjust the tow, so it was a cheap $55 alignmnet.

So my point is, you probably have a lot of spring sag, & new springs will throw off your caster/camber if the truck has been aligned to the sagging front springs. As far as stance, I did not replace my rear springs, BUT I like how it sits stance wise, because the rear i am sure has sag in it, but it sits nice and level now & I am ok with the height it is. I think if I replace the rear springs, my front will sit too low & the hood just barely fits underneath my lift as it is. Its a multi faceted problem trying to get the stance right, the the alignment set properly.


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