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So I took the Bronco out Yesterday and for the first time really had to work it hard. I have a load greind/thunking noise coming from the front end. I am not sure but think it is one of my locking hubs. I got out and checked, everything was locked, I easily unlocked and relocked them. Nothing healt overly hot but the sound continued. All the U joints look fine, original but do not seem to be leaking.

I only heard the noise when climbing, and the mnore gas I gave her, the louder it was.

Does this sound like one of the hubs? I have warn hubs and I thought they were pretty good. How can i check to see if one went out? Or do I just tear it apart and replace the whole set up?

I also trie to climb in 2wd and did not hear the noise.

Any help would be great. BTW this was the first time the misses went out with me. IF I cant get this figured out, shell never come again.
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