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Warn winch 8274

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Anyone know if this is a good winch and can it be rebuilt?
warm 8274. I have a chance to get my hands on one. Trying to decide it it’s good for my 78 bronco
I have zero winch knowledge
Thanks for any help
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Warn still sells the parts for it... as for being good... it’s old school Warn, so yes it’s good.
Just about the best electric winch ever made.... parts are available for anything that might need rebuilt. The only drawback is it’s an upright gear driven style, as opposed to a planetary style like most the other winches out there. Which means it is tall, it isn’t gonna be hidden down inside a bumper like other winches.
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Thank you guys ! I will get it
Good. Its about the best electric winch out there for durability. I believe they were even used by the military.

And they have been made for decades so parts are everywhere
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