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Warning Buzzer after turning Bronc off...

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It's not the door chime, already took that little module out. I get a warning buzzer which beeps loudly when I turn the engine off. This happend about a year ago which was only due to my air bag light burning out. It did it a year ago after I turn the engine ON though, now it's the opposite and the air bag light is fine.....


I see or hear no problems. Any idea where this little buzzer thing is so I can just remove it? Thanks

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The chime module as shown on the diagram was actually the module I already removed for the door/headlight courtesy ding. It appears the obnoxious warning alarm comes directly from the box where the airbag control module is, which I'd rather not mess with...

According to my research I have "code 41" which is an open circuit in the airbag system circuitry, but where I wonder.......
yo D.
41: RH Front Air Bag Sensor and Bracket Feed/Return Circuit Open
RH= passenger side

"...Check: connector first and see if it or wire strands, etc. is corroded or disconnected; damaged sensor; corrosion or damage @ the sensor mounting surface...then the TS goes back along w/da wires to da Mod.; as shown in Steve's diagrams(s)..."
Source: by miesk5 at FSB

Impact Sensor Parts Break-Out Depiction
by Steve83

Front Location & pics in a 96; on the left and right front radiator supports
Source: by ThetaTauMan (Rob, UTURNOB163) at
one pic for example..

and for the driver side sensor...same as the DTC 41..
popped the hood and looked at the air bag sensor on the LH side at the radiator support. It turns out that somehow the connector that plugs into that sensor had become loose (probably from driving on the shitty potholed/imperfected NJ roads). I had disconnected the battery, unplugged the connector all the way, sprayed some electrical contact cleaner in both the connector and the \"socket\" on the sensor, let those areas dry, then plugged the connector back into the sensor. I reconnected the battery and the error code never came up again after making sure the connector from the harness to the sensor was 100% secure. If doing the above does not work, when you unplug the connector, check out the contact points of the actual plug and/or connection on the sensor. Be sure they are not oxidized or do not have any debris coating the surfaces (this will interfere w/ proper contact when plugged together). Another thing to check would be to make sure the actual wires in the conduit or harness were not chafed, cut or broke somehow - if you do find such a problem, tape up the chafed areas to avoid any other metal to metal contact OR if the wires are broke, splice them back together and tape them up...\"
by Cobra Jet (Phil, cobra-jet-nj) at FSB
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So that's where those sensors are.... haha Thanks. I'll go check mine out and see if I can't get this figured out.

Don't hammer on them!
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