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I asked a moderator before posting and I am asking for what is/was referenced in here long ago but alas I do not have the receipts after multiple moves and storing my Bronco and parts away from me for over a decade. Gobucs1 79 Todays Progress

So I have purchased 95% plus of all my replacement parts from Discount/Advanced Auto Parts through the years but I just recently found out they only keep records in the system for 5 years from purchase. I am back to working on my truck and just transported it 4 states to myself to give it the attention it needs.
I just rereplaced my MC, fuel pump, front drivers brake line that connects to calipers and all those parts were lifetime warranty but I do not have receipts so blank me.

Finally to what matters, both of my front brake calipers are now frozen and were replaced in 2003-2005 time frame. Does anyone have a receipt they can send me so I do not have to repurchase parts that are under lifetime warranty? Thank you for reading and any help I get.
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