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Washer Fluid Reservoir Pump Motor

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Well my old reservoirs brackets sucked and started to bend real bad and one broke so I had to zip tie it on. Dave's bronc90 gave me a spare one he had. So I unhooked everything and took out the old one, and then the exact opposite and put the new one in. I filled it up with some washer fluid and pressed the button to run it to the sprayers. I noticed there was no pump motor sound. My old pump motor worked. Is there any way to get the old motor out and put it into the new one?
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hmmm i also wondered about this because i have to get inspected in 5 days...
Thanks Steve, I knew you would come through with an awnser :thumbup

I am going to try it with my dental pick. I will report back on how bad I mess it up :toothless
I got that ring out. I used a dental pick to get 3/4ths of the ring a little bit pulled up. Then I broke the pick. So I got my snap ring pliers and put on the curved long tip but put it on so it clamps when you squeeze the handle. Then I managed to grab a tab and pull it up some and it brought a few other tabs up with it and so I just slowly moved around and pulled up until it popped out. I also used a tiny bit of seafoam deep creep on it so it would slide out easier. Not really that hard to do, maybe I just got lucky :shrug. I will have to take out the other motor tomorrow and swap them and hopefully that will cure my problem.
Steve83 said:
You can test the motor dry to see if it works.

it wont mess it up like a boat motor? i thought that since it always has fluid it might go bad if you ran dry
Well if you look at the motor, nothing touches the fluid except for the little propeller on the end.
Marauder said:
Well if you look at the motor, nothing touches the fluid except for the little propeller on the end.

well if i had it out i could see :goodfinge
Well thats why I am telling you, stupid :slap :goodfinge
Any half ass parts store sells generic washer motors that will fit like a glove. It comes with all the crap you need including the lock ring......since the one on your truck is probably all rusted to hell. I did mine this past winter, and it took all of about 10 min. I have also since drilled out the tabs on the tank, and bolted it to the bracket.
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