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Water system with pump for windshield

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I've done plenty of searches on the forum and couldn't find any water system install write-ups, photos, or discussion of them either, so I decided to post mine in case someone wants ideas. I pretty much copied Triplesix's system, but used a different water tank. :goodfinge We got the idea from watching trucks at the mud-drags getting mud all over the windshield and the stock wiper/washer system just plain old couldn't do the job. Half the trucks didn't even have functioning washer fluid or wipers, so they were screwed. One guy even had to stop, reach out the window, and squeegee his windshield, then start driving again. :rofl: A truck had a system like this installed, and he was able to keep his windshield clean the whole time, so we swiped his idea. Thanks to the guy in the NOS powered red Mazda with mass flex! :beer

Here's the write-up. I'll start by showing a pic of the system.

I used a 5 gallon water cooler from Home Depot as the tank. Unscrewed the tap from the bottom, and plumbed in my own feeder hose. The hose itself is an electrical hook-up hose for a hottub/spa. It's about 9" long, and found on the electrical aisle with all the pvc and adapters. The end is threaded with a washer, and is the perfect size to fit into the hole on the cooler.

For the other end I used a threaded adapter found on the same aisle. Forgive me for not knowing the technical names or part numbers. :whiteflag Here's a pic of what the end of the hose looks like and the threaded adapter.

Next I cut one end off the hook-up hose and installed a female garden hose repair fitting and a garden hose male fitting with about 2 feet of garden hose on it at the other end.

That feeds into the 12v Harbor Freight utility pump. The pump uses standard 3/4" garden hose fittings, so it's easy. The garden hose attaches to the pump inlet. I installed a simple on/off flow switch to help regulate the flow if the pump puts out too much volume too quickly.

The outlet is another female hose repair fitting that goes into a piece of 5/8" i.d. clear tubing. I couldn't find a 1/4" reducer with a 3/4" garden hose fitting, so I had to use multiple reducers. If you can find the fitting and eliminate this mess, go for it...From there I reduced it again with some brass fittings down to 1/4" i.d. The rest of the system uses 1/4" tubing.

Using car audio cable fasteners I routed the tubing up the cab wall and headliner and out a hole in the removable top.

An L-shaped nylon barb is used to make the transition outside the vehicle. If I want to remove the top in the Summer I can simply unplug the tubing. Only the hole is permanent. The barb is siliconed in to make it watertight.

Next I routed the tubing up to the windshield and installed T-barbs to split the water feed. On the end I used L-barbs. Pretty simple.

The cooler is mounted behind the passenger seat and is held down with Velcro straps. There is a hole in the top of the cooler to relieve the pressure of the water leaving the cooler.

The power to the pump is ran through a relay and a dash-mounted on/off switch. How you run all the electrical is up to you, so no pics are really necessary.

Total cost: $125
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silicone. It's watertight. The holes are actually very small and can be bondo'd and painted in the future if necessary. It wasn't easy convincing myself to drill them holes though. Had to be done.
thought about it. chose this way instead. Didn't want to run water line up through cab/dash (water+electrical=yikes!), and didn't want to go under vehicle either. If it gets caught on a branch it'll get pulled apart, but is easily repaired. Just as easily to catch on something if it's under the vehicle if you ask me. There are many ways to configure the system. This is just one idea for others to expand upon to fit their needs.
good idea, but i would have put the tank under the hood and the pump under the hoor or the large space in the cowl would have been a good spot as well run the lines up in the windshield trim and across the window.. for mine i added 2 more of the later higher flowing heads so i got 3 heads washing the windshield and the cars both sides of i not got in a ton of mud but i like to get a larger volume pump if i need more pressure.

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I would have made it all temp and used high strength magnets to hold the stuff on the roof, mounted the pump to the jug and ran it out the window or something, used a cig lighter plug for power and then there ya go.

Easy to do, easy to remove, just as effective.

But if it works for you :shrug

Now we need pics/video of it in action.
What the heck is this?
Now we need pics/video of it in action.
my new 3g died on me, so as soon as I get the replacement and get it installed I'll post vids. Ran the redtop dead working on this, then battery charger crapped out. timing...:banghead

it works for me. I've seen the setup work in 2 other trucks, so I just went with it. I've been giving some thought to collinsperformance's ideas. Later on if I'm unhappy or run into problems I'll rethink the location.
What the heck is this?
Thats a piece of cowl he spliced in for his extra washer nozzle
i got the wrong cowl the first time out(1993) and it had the 2 squirters so i cut the second row of holes and pop-riveted in in my 1989 cowl (th3 89 uses the single middle squirter)....mike
Now that's different.

Why not just improve on the factory washer system? I tee-d in some Chrsyler minivan knozzles that clip onto the wiper arm:

Between them and the factory knozzles, I have plenty of cleaning power.
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should I assume this is for mud wheeling? what other purpose is there for this?
the factory system sucks. i can never keep the nozzles working, they always clogg up. ive cleaned the resivoir out plenty of times, so its gotta be mud/dirt from the outside.

i wouldnt have done it this way though. i need to fix mine, maybe they will stay working since i dont play in the mud much anymore, mainly trails, rocks, etc.
should I assume this is for mud wheeling? what other purpose is there for this?

yes. for mud.
humble idea. however I think it could be done much better. ie under the cowl and hidden away.
very interesting idea. I'm building a mudbogger/trail truck currently and was thinkin about this already. Thanks for the writeup and I can modify/change it to fit my needs. Thanks bud!
Hi guys, I found this tech write up and wanted to chime in on the subject. I did something similar on my 78 mud truck. I used an inexpensive ATV spot sprayer with a 15gal tank. Its pretty much self contained with only two wires to hook up and one water line. Originaly I had the nozzles mounted in the cowl but I soon found the nozzles getting too much mud on top of them and rendering them almost useless. So I mounted them on top using some extra hose and spray boom nozzles. It works like a charm. Its supposed to put out about 60psi, but it works great. It almost works well enough without the wipers.
Future plans are for a t and a small ball valve to ad a spray wand to clean off the side windows, radiator, or any other various parts that need to be cleaned off on the trail for repair, especially nice for cleaning wheels and tires when youd happen to pop one off the bead. The uses are endless. See ya Dave.
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