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Finally got my new TSL on my truck and the "new" PS pump, so I decided to give you guys some pics that didn't involve my driveway, so here's my backyard instead. Nothing fancy, but these little bumps nearly broke my arm; definitely need new shocks and steering damper.

I thought I was open (I'm still pretty sure that I am), but I'm thinking this wheel did some digging.

It sucks being open and two wheel drive. Jason, get the tubing yet?
The tape is still on the truck because I'm not done with painting it.

Speaking of..

Maybe I should add more Khaki..

Now, not to disappoint you guys, I have a question.

I kept dieing..
In the ending of this video, when I shut the hood, you can here it bog down. Is there to much heat building up causing suffocation, as it did not do this before I took it for a run? I'll start her up in a bit, but I was just curious, plus I learned how to do the video thing on my camera.

Dunno If I put the URL, BB, or HTML for a direct link but to save time, here's a direct link to my page. Just click for the video there.

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